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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Losing a home can place you and your family under a tremendous emotional strain but it's not the end of your world. There is life after foreclosure and in some cases it is better than life before foreclosure. It's not all bad. How you perceive this process will make a great deal of difference in how it affects you. Keeping a positive attitude can make the difference between a bump in the road and going over a cliff. Surviving foreclosure is up to you.

If your home is at risk of foreclosure you are not alone. Millions of people throughout the U.S. are currently facing the foreclosure of their home. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to why this is happening. Some say it is the lenders fault, some say the borrowers, others point to the economy. For people that are facing foreclosure it doesn't matter. What matters is what to do now. If foreclosure proceedings are completed against you they will remain on your credit report for 7 years, which will impact your ability to purchase another home. YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS! Let me show you how to combine a Rent to Own, a short sale of your current residence, or both to prevent foreclosure.


How Can This Work?
I list your current home as a short sale and negotiate with the bank on an acceptable offer. Simply put, a short sale is when the sales price of your home is less than the amount owed on your mortgage. There are specific steps that must be taken in order to postpone foreclosure proceedings and convincing the bank to accept purchase offers. My proven system will sell your house and prevent foreclosure!!
As part of the short sale I will hire a professional third party company to handle negotiations with the bank. This company specializes in these transactions and understands the bank requirements for completing such a transaction. They can often persuade the bank to postpone foreclosure proceedings to allow time to sell the home. Why would the bank sell for less than they are owed? A short sale is typically faster and less expensive than a foreclosure, resulting in a smaller loss to the bank. As your home is offered for sale we find a Rent to Own home for you to eventually purchase. The goal is to put you into a home you can purchase in 1 or 2 years, while avoiding foreclosure. 
Contact me today! Every situation is unique, but I know a solution exists for you.

Before Foreclosure

There are alternatives to foreclosure but the only real way to cure the problem is to resolve the debt. In the early stages of the foreclosure process you may be able to come to terms with your lender on a payment plan. As the property sale date approaches your options become more limited. The time it takes to foreclose on a home varies. The important thing to remember in the foreclosure process is that time is not your friend. The First Rule In Dealing With Foreclosure Is Not To Wait For It To Go Away!

It's not going to happen. The best solutions go to those that take positive action right away. There are many more options in your favor at the beginning of the foreclosure process than near the end.

During Foreclosure

The foreclosure process begins with collection notices, lender calls, and finally with a Notice Of Intent To Foreclose. At this point your mortgage account is in the hands of an attorney who will handle the foreclosure process. Your lender will now refer calls and correspondence to their foreclosure attorney. There is still time to save your home during this time but it is short and your options are limited.

After Foreclosure

You have choices and options throughout the process of foreclosure. If your financial position permits, you may be able to work out a plan with your lender to keep your home. Many times the financial problems that created the problem cannot be resolved in time to save your home from foreclosure.

When the foreclosure is complete a sale date is posted and your home is sold at a public auction. If you have not come to an agreement with your lender or the foreclosure attorney on a date to vacate the home then eviction process begins.

Coping with the emotional stress of this situation is sometimes more difficult than the financial aspects. Knowing your options before, during, and after foreclosure can help you make better decisions. Keep your perspective and create a positive plan that allows you to keep your home together, no matter where your house is.


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